I am a proud resident of the Northern Illawarra Coast, having moved to Stanwell Park with my family from the Sutherland Shire in 2011.


Since that time, my wife and I have watched as the area has been transformed by families moving out of Southern Sydney and locating along the scenic 'Coal Coast'.


With ready access to the Sydney metropolitan area, the Coal Coast provides a perfect balance between living in close knit coastal communities while simultaneously enjoying all the amenities of living on the outskirts of Australia's largest city.


Or so I thought!


Over the last 4 years, one issue has dogged our family. This issue has also resulted in us paying $1000's in expensive WIFI Broadband because Telstra (and yes it is just Telstra) refuse to provide the internet infrastructure needed to support a reasonable internet service to the 100's of households in the Northern Illawarra - many of whom valiantly try to operate home businesses.


Over the last 3 years, my wife and I have tried every trick in the book to try and get ADSL2 connected. In fact, the previous owners of our home were connected to ADSL2 and we had actually entered into a contract with Telstra to provide same before finalising our home purchase (that is a whole other story).


But after three years of effort, only one thing has changed - that is, we have learned that despite the vast majority of homes in our area suffering the same lack of service, neither Telstra nor State & Federal Politicians nor The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman seem to 'give a rats'.


And there is no solution in site as we also seem to be a 'blind spot' as far as the NBN rollout is concerned with NBN CO advising that our area is not actually scheduled for connection anytime in the foreseeable future.


So it is time to mobilise.


If you are affected, then feel please send us your story via the Contact page of this website and we will publish your comments on the Blog page (But please keep it clean)


For my part, I commit to personally do all I can to get a better telecommunications service for the northern residents of the Illawarra's Coal Coast.

Let's make a noise now.